Data Quality

The Unforeseen Risks of Poor Data Quality

High quality information is the foundation of high performing businesses. When your contact data is inaccurate, it can negatively impact performance across your entire organization. Ultimately, the potential, and often unforeseen, risks of poor data...

How to Automate Data Quality with JobBuilder

In the world of data management, automation is the natural progression and an important part of mastering your data for two reasons:   It helps ensure consistently high data quality. It gives data admins much needed time back in their day. For many,...

Validity Makes Its Debut at Festival of Marketing 2019

Although the warmth of summer is beginning to ebb away, things at Validity are heating up as we get ready for our first appearance at Festival of Marketing on October 10 and 11 at London’s fabulous Tobacco Dock venue. This is the marquee marketing event...

Managing Duplicate Data in Microsoft Dynamics 365

By integrating the sophisticated deduplication functionality of DemandTools with the Dynamics CRM, Validity made detecting, merging, and otherwise managing duplicate data in Microsoft Dynamics 365 easier. The result is not only more efficiency for sales,...



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