Calling All Email Marketers: Make Your Job Easier Today!

Help! My Organization Is Pulling Me In All Different Directions!  

Email marketing is a tough job! Not only do you have to be creative, detail oriented, and strategic, you also have to be a tough negotiator! If you’ve been in email marketing for a while, there is no doubt that you’ve had a conversation similar to the one below:

Mary (who runs the Accessory Department): “I have a favor to ask you. Our monkey hat sales have recently plummeted. Can you please send out more emails featuring our monkey hats?

You: “But we have an email marketing calendar that I follow…”

Mary : “Haven’t you seen Acme Apes , our primary competitor for monkey hats, just sent out a monkey hat campaign! It must be working for them and I need to increase sales urgently!”

You: “But what if the increase in frequency of monkey hat emails turns off our subscribers?”

Mary: “Look my job is on the line – please help me.”

And this is just one example! In the next week, Bob from the Toy Department asks you to send more emails featuring clown noses, and Larry from Clothing begs you to send more emails on bib overalls.  How do you handle being pulled in all of these different directions?

On the one hand you understand your co-workers desires to increase sales. But on the other hand, you have a hunch that most of your subscribers just aren’t interested in monkey hats, clown noses, or bib overalls this time of year. But where do you get the data to support your hypothesis?

Inbox Insight Saves the Day!

Good news! The release of Inbox Insight just made your life a lot easier.  You can now see exactly what happened when Acme Apes sent out that email campaign featuring monkey hats. Turns out that campaign had below average engagement and a very low read rate. Meanwhile, the delete unread rate was sky high and so was user marked spam rate. To make matters worse for Acme Apes, Inbox Insight shows you that they sent out this email campaign to their whole list!

Phew! Looks like you avoided a land mine. You quickly show this data to Mary and she is grateful!

Mary: “Thank you so much. Looks like we may need to pull monkey hats from our inventory….Now what about those earrings for dogs?”

Sigh… it never ends for you, does it! At least you now have real subscriber data to help you and your organization make the best business decisions and to keep your subscribers happy!

You Can’t Get This Data Anywhere Else

With Inbox Insight, you get access to data that you just can’t get anywhere else: it’s not available in-house or through your email service provider.  The list below is an example of data marketers get on their own email campaigns AND on their competitors’ email campaigns.  

  1. Engagement Benchmarks
  2. Read rate
  3. Delete without reading rate
  4. Forward rate
  5. Address book adds
  6. User marked spam rate
  7. Access to competitive email creatives
  8. Competitors’ Volume
  9. Competitors’ List Size
  10. Competitors’ Cadence

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