Bridging the Divide

George Bilbrey
By George Bilbrey

It has always been my belief that one of the contributions Return Path makes to the betterment of email is to facilitate the dialogue between senders and receivers. There’s so much common ground there. Everyone wants to make consumers happy – happy consumers don’t complain (can I hear a “yay” from receivers?) and happy consumers spend money (can I hear a “yay” from senders?). And we know that facilitating this dialogue is about more than just, well, dialogue. It means building systems and products that help senders and receivers find a common language and work together to make email the fun, safe, happy medium we all know if can be.

So with that backdrop I am very pleased to announce that J.D. Falk has joined the Return Path team. J.D., who joins us from the Yahoo! anti-spam product team, has been well known in the anti-spam space since the earliest days of email spam, and is very active in the Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group (MAAWG), the Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email (CAUCE), and other industry associations. J.D. has joined us to take over the product management duties around our growing list of products for receivers: reputation products, including blacklists and reputation scoring; feedback loops and reputation monitoring tools; and, a few new offerings (stay tuned). Through our investment in these products we hope to make it easier for receivers to tell good from bad mailers (and discern the shades of grey in between), to understand how their users feel about the messages they receive, and to provide senders with more information about how their messages may be perceived on the receiving end. We think that J.D.’s long experience working for some of the largest mailbox providers will give us an additional shot of market insight — direct from the trenches of the fight against spam — when building and improving these tools.

Welcome aboard, J.D. – we’re really glad you’re here!

J.D. has written briefly about this move on his personal blog, and will be contributing regularly to the Return Path site.

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