You Like Us, You Really Like Us!

Our good friends at Epsilon have released a new consumer study about email that should make the hearts of all email marketing professional sing! It turns out that email marketing – the much-maligned, eternally unloved tactic – is actually quite loved by consumers.

In fact, an astonishing 57% of consumers agreed with the statement “My impression of companies from which I purchased products/services is positively improved when I receive email from them.” This is really great news and definitely shows the power this channel has to move the needle for business.

The study also has some interesting data that marketers should heed when they consider their metrics for success. Consumers don’t always click through email, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t influencing their purchased decisions, with 57% reporting that they remember emails when they go shopping online. Of course the memory of a consumer is impossible to truly discern – but the fact that they view email this way is something we need to remember when we are trying to decide if our email “worked.”

But there is also some a cautionary stat for marketers who are considering ramping up their frequency in the wake of ever more devastating economic news. Only 29% of consumers agreed with the statement “It would be okay for companies that I know and trust to send me email more frequently than they currently do.”

So the takeaway message here is simple: Consumers like us, but let’s not push our luck.

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