Yahoo Releasing Inactive User IDs

Yahoo's Announcement

Yahoo announced yesterday that they will be releasing user IDs that haven’t been accessed in over 12 months and making those user IDs available for someone else to register. Additionally, Yahoo announced a policy that user IDs will be released after 12 months of inactivity moving forward. So Yahoo users who don't log into their accounts in 12 months will lose their user ID.

So, how are we making these Yahoo! IDs available? We’re freeing up IDs, that have been inactive for at least 12 months, by resetting them and giving them a fresh start. In mid July, anyone can have a shot at scoring the Yahoo! ID they want. In mid August, users who staked a claim on certain IDs can come to Yahoo! to discover which one they got.

Users have until July 15th to sign into their accounts and retain their user IDs.

Impact to Email Senders

What does this mean to email senders? The most important thing to consider here is that if you are mailing someone who no longer uses their Yahoo account, come August your message may no longer be reaching the intended recipient. We're reaching out to Yahoo to get more specifics about how they will be implementing this, particularly whether mail to these user IDs will bounce at any point. Once we have more detail, we will post specific recommendations to the blog. 

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