Yahoo!, Email Stamps and Whitelists

Alex Rubin
By Alex Rubin
Vice President, Business Development

Several online sources have commented on a paper recently published by a research group at Yahoo! on voluntary email “stamps,” which has generated a lot of speculation. Our contacts at Yahoo! tell us this idea is purely in the research realm, and is not scheduled for development in Yahoo! Mail. In other words: it isn’t even vaporware and isn’t likely to be a part of the Yahoo! mail system anytime soon. (It is also worth noting that Yahoo! did not intend to publicize anything about this research, because it is in such an early stage.)

Of course as readers of this blog know, Yahoo! continues to use the Return Path Certified whitelist as a factor in inbox delivery. Being on the Certified whitelist adjusts the classification of the IP address and domain. It allows Yahoo! to determine if mail is behaving as expected. As long as Certified senders uphold high, published standards for quality email practices (a.k.a. “as expected”), their emails will be delivered. If your email is not currently Certified, I encourage you to take our pre-qualification quiz to see if you might be eligible.

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