Yahoo! and Sender Score Certified: Together At Last

Earlier this year we mentioned that Yahoo! would be joining Sender Score Certified. Well the time has arrived!

During the first week of January, Yahoo! will begin using Sender Score Certified status in their filtering decisions. This means that Sender Score Certified members will receive preferential treatment in reaching the inbox at Yahoo! Mail. This new benefit comes in addition to the long standing benefits at Hotmail, Cloudmark, Road Runner, Cox, SpamAssassin, Barracuda, and dozens of other email networks worldwide. This is extremely exciting news for all of our Sender Score Certified members.

In fact, current members will begin to see Yahoo! Mail performance data in their Daily Performance Reports the first week of December. Details on how this data will be used will be sent to Sender Score Certified members very soon. As always our members will have plenty of time to ensure that their program is in compliance with any new standards.

If you are not currently a Sender Score Certified member now is a great time to apply.

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