Will Self Regulation of Email Continue?

While it seems that every new administration wants to put their stamp on things, it’s still not entirely clear what the Obama team, including new Federal Trade Commission Chief Jon Leibowitz, wishes to do in the realm of email and digital marketing. The administration has already called for increased efforts on effective self-regulation. If industry can’t meet the call, what new regulations might be expected from Congress in the coming years? To find out, I will be helping guide a frank conversation with the FTC staff along with DMA government affairs vice president Jerry Cerasale in a webinar on April 29.

We will cover:

  • What the new administration is thinking about online marketing and protection
  • Where online marketing and privacy protection fit in the administration’s priorities
  • What we might expect from CAN-SPAM rulings and enforcement
  • How behavioral targeting will affect email and social marketing
  • Top issues for privacy policies in 2009

Sign up and submit your questions for the FTC and panelists here. Use code FTCS for $50 off the non-member price.

Look forward to seeing you there!

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