Why Reputation Matters

Return Path CEO, Matt Blumberg opened IN: The Email Reputation Conference with an interesting audience-participation exercise. In an effort to engage through interaction, he introduced the “Perception Analyzer”, a device that instantly polls the audience. He used this cool, techy tool to evaluate the nature of conference participants, and gathered some interesting results:

Business channel focus:
60% B-to-C 17% B-to-B 23% Both B-to-C and B-to-B

Sending method:
52% In-house 48% Email Service Provider

Revenue impact of email to the total business:
35% Small; other channels have more impact
31% Medium; it’s one of many marketing channels leveraged
34% Significant; it’s the primary revenue driver for the business

Nature of delivery problems:
26% Frequent problems 64% Sometimes 7% I always get to the inbox 2% Not sure

Additionally, he challenged marketers in attendance with the radical idea that “Delivery failures are GOOD for email marketing.” He explains that reputation is driven by relevance. More relevance equals less complaints, which equals higher response. And it’s thanks to delivery failures resulting from an influx of spam, that marketers have been forced to be better and win inbox attention. With the prevalence of marketing messages an average person faces daily, only relevance will break through the clutter. The focus on relevance builds brand equity and loyalty with the subscriber and over time, increases response and engagement.

So as a day of reputation-focused conversations ensue, these interesting participant statistics, and Matt’s challenge to embrace delivery feedback set the expectation for an exciting day!

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