Why is Domain Reputation Important?

Last week, Return Path announced the release of Domain Certification as part of our Email Optimization product launch. This is exciting as Domain Certification enables email senders on dedicated and shared IP addresses to join the world’s most recognized certified whitelist based on their sending domain reputation.

The opportunity to be certified by Return Path is new for senders on shared IP addresses as, historically, our Certification program was only available to email marketers using dedicated IP addresses. With Domain Certification, these typically smaller senders can now receive benefits from top mailbox providers like preferential treatment in the inbox, unblocked images and links, and unique data insights.

But Domain Certification is important for all senders – big and small, dedicated and shared IP addresses. That’s because major mailbox providers, who have historically looked at IP address reputation, are now also taking domain reputation and domain-based authentication into account when making filtering decisions.

Why has this importance recently been placed on the sender’s domain reputation? With the adoption of IPv6, there are now exponentially more IP addresses available. This growth makes IP address reputation much more difficult for the mailbox providers to effectively monitor. To help deal with this added volume, mailbox providers have leaned on domain-based authentication for their filtering decisions, as this is a more manageable way for them to monitor a sender’s reputation.

Looking at authenticated domains to track and determine a sender’s reputation also allows mailbox providers to more easily see email traffic across multiple IP addresses and identify legitimate versus spoofed emails. This allows mailbox providers to get a more accurate reputation picture of a sender.

Senders, therefore, must ensure they are properly authenticating their email at a domain level, and that they are maintaining a good domain reputation. By being certified at a domain level, the sender benefits from a boost to their domain reputation, which in turn helps with filtering and deliverability.

Want to learn more about Domain Certification? Join our webinar on June 8 to learn how Certification can help you increase your email reach, reduce volume filtering and throttling, and prepare your email program now for a successful holiday season.

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