Why I Think Return Path is FORTUNE's #4 Best Place to Work

I joined Return Path ten years ago because Matt Blumberg convinced me that he had a vision for a better way to run a company. It was totally unlike anything I'd heard from a CEO. I started two weeks later.

The idea that struck me then was simple: Everyone at Return Path lived and worked by a set of core values that instilled openness and trust, inspired people to support each other and push each other, and placed the responsibility to uphold these values in the hands of employees. The goal was to make Return Path a company that people loved working for, because we believed that people who feel like they're part of something great will work to keep it that way.

There were fewer than forty of us then. Today there are almost 400 employees celebrating FORTUNE's ranking us the fourth-best medium-sized place to work in the U.S. Things change fast at high-growth companies, and corporate cultures shift overnight. Ours didn't.

Looking back, I see two key reasons that Return Path hung onto that original vision and stayed a company that people love working for:

First, our values are literally part of our operating system. We didn't outgrow them because they're central to the onboarding process that every Return Path employee in every office goes through. They're in our welcome packets, on our site, on our wiki…every one of us knows them and lives them.

And that's the second reason: We live them. The commitment to making Return Path a place that people love, a truly great company, a culture of caring and support — it's genuine. When you read about what makes us one of the four best places in America to work, that's what you see.

We're still growing, we're still building new offices and adding employees to the Return Path family all over the world. If this sounds like a better environment for you, the kind of culture you'd like to be a part of, please check us out. If you start right away, one of the stories in next year's Best Places profile could be yours.

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