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Why Do Email Marketers Come to Us for Help?

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In my career, I’ve learned very rarely does anyone think on their own, “You know what? I’m gonna go out and buy some MARKETING SOFTWARE today!” They’re motivated by a buying trigger that shakes them out of business-as-usual and compels them to look for an alternative.

Email marketers who come to Validity are no exception. They fall into three categories, based on their buying triggers:

“I need more.”
These curious email marketers have relied solely on their sending platform and email services providers (ESPs) for their metrics. It’s not that those metrics are wrong; ESPs are providing the best data they have. But ESP measurements have wider error bars. These email marketers are unaware they’re lacking crucial insights and guidance on how to better reach their audience. Fortunately, they recognize there’s more to learn.

“Something’s gone wrong.”
The concerned email marketers are noticing bad trends in the metrics they have. They might be seeing bounce rates rising or open rates dropping. Or, more insidiously, they may NOT be seeing those ESP-provided metrics change, but they are noticing a decrease in conversion rates or lead production telling them Something’s Not Right. By not knowing or following sender best practices, they may have caused problems like blocklistings and troubling rates of spam traps hits. Those email marketers are highly motivated to understand how damage to their sender reputation may be quietly holding back their campaign performance.

“There’s gotta be a better way.”
The savvy email marketer is already focused on optimizing their deliverability, engagement, and email strategy. They know about sender reputation, they’re aware of the importance of good data, and they’re testing and optimizing their campaigns. But they’ve been stitching together point solutions from a variety of third-party tools and services. Furthermore, they recognize how challenging it is to keep up with sending best practices as providers, commercial email filters, and industry standards frequently change.

Getting the best return from email marketing is challenging and complex, because email marketing is susceptible to many roadblocks. All of these marketers are losing time, budget, and customers while troubleshooting these problems when they could be building better campaigns.

Despite the challenges, all email marketers know it’s worth the effort to pursue peak performance. They’ve already made the investment in their email marketing channel – a channel acquiring customers at a lower cost than any other channel, while generating the highest return per dollar spent.

So, what’s your trigger? What brings you here, email marketer? Are you savvy? Concerned? Or just curious? Let us know.



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