Why Blocking Mail Can Work To Your Advantage

Tell the ISPs to block your email messages! Well not YOUR email messages, but rather the ones that look like they come from you!

Email phishing and spoofing negatively affects campaign success, but too often marketers don’t even know that fraudsters are using brand to steal their customers into giving up their personal information. When this happens, you subscribers won’t trust your email and therefore won’t click on your messages. You in turn incur fraud costs through no fault of your own. The key is to prevent email attacks before they occur.

Now you can prevent phishing attacks before they occur. Yesterday, we launched a new product that helps you:

  • Quickly identify phishing and spoofing attempts
  • Determine if your domains are authenticated properly
  • Publishes your authenticated domains to a list so ISPs know which emails to block and which ones to let through.

With this solution, you can keep pretenders out of the inbox and protect your subscribers.

See how it works, then learn more about email authentication by downloading our step by step guide.

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