Whitelisting Is Crucial To Your Email Marketing Mix

Senders, receivers and consumers all want permission-based email to reach the inbox. However, ISPs and filtering companies must protect consumer inboxes from spam. In doing so they sometimes inadvertently block good email.

To help combat this problem, many ISPs rely on whitelists to help separate responsible senders from spammers. Therefore, if you appear on a whitelist that is used by your most important ISPs, your chances of making it to the inbox dramatically increase. And with good deliverability comes higher response rates.

Return Path runs a whitelist that covers over 2 billion inboxes worldwide. If you are accepted to the Return Path Certification program, you’ll be noted as one of the best of the best senders and receive special privileges that will improve your overall response rates.

Find out if you qualify for Return Path Certification. Take our pre-qualification quiz or learn more about the program.

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