Where Did My Email Go? Your Guide to Reaching the Inbox

Please join me on May 24th for the American Marketing Association free virtual event “The Evolution of Email: Essentials for Campaign Success.” This virtual conference runs from 9AM to 4PM CDT and will be covering topics such as deliverability, design, list growth and new technologies.  I’ll be joining other great leaders in the email marketing industry like Jeanne Jennings, Tommy Lynn (Dell), Adam Franklin (Bluewire Media), Jeff Weinberger (DS3Consulting), as well as others.

My session entitled “Where Did My Email Go? Your Guide to Reaching the Inbox” will be from 11:45 am to 12:30 pm CST.  In my session, you will be learning:

–          Common causes for inbox failure
–          How your sender reputation affects your delivery
–          Best practices for resolving complaints

After the session, you can join me at our virtual booth for some takeaways and I will also continue the Q&A session from my discussion.

Register now here, be prepared to learn from all the great presenters and come with your questions!  I’m looking forward to “seeing” you all there!

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