What's Up with Our New Website and Why Should You Care?

I’ll admit up front, this is a little bit of an experiment. Our new website features this Online Resource Center for Email Marketers. It’s a blog through which we will publish useful tidbits about email marketing, and occasionally about Return Path, for you and your team. You can comment on it, give us feedback or initiate a dialog. You can subscribe to it in the blue box below via RSS or email, and you can always subscribe to either of our stand-alone monthly email newsletters (content in the newsletters will also appear in the blog).

So what’s the experiment? We’re not exactly sure what a corporate blog is “supposed” to be — we’re inventing it as we go. The idea is to make our online presence more interesting, lively, interactive, useful, and transparent about Return Path. It is more about giving you access to our experts in deliverability, customer acquisition, and response optimization, and less about a sales pitch.

Here’s our pledge to you as a reader of the Online Resource Center:

  • We will treat you the way a publisher would treat you — as a valued, paying subscriber
  • We will give you a new and deeper level of access to our and industry data and experts
  • We will respond to your feedback and comments promptly and not defensively
  • We will not clutter up the Resource Center with third-party advertising
  • We reserve the right to occasionally post about Return Path, but not in an annoying way

So we’ll see how this goes. Stay tuned, and please subscribe! You can always unsubscribe (or better yet, give us feedback) if you don’t like how it works.

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