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What’s Beyond the Summit?

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During our first-ever Summit, an online event designed to bring motivation, tips, and innovation to email marketers around the globe, we asked attendees a few key questions. We wanted to get a sense of goals and ambitions in the years ahead, especially after learning more about Everest, an essential element in optimizing email campaigns beyond base-level success. 

The results of our poll questions provided us some eye-opening insight into what marketers want to, and need to, focus on next year as they look to recover from a year that upended every projection and standard of practice we’ve known. 

What are you focusing your time on to maximize email performance? 

42% of respondents indicated they’re focusing more on content. This makes sense, as we know delivering email is only the first step. The true ROI comes from the action recipients take after they receive it. Otherwise, both list segmentation (27%) and list hygiene (12%) are high on the list, and for good reason. Quality data and an enlightened approach to email distribution often leads to better sender reputation, better deliverability, and better response to campaigns. Wins all around! 

Which email innovations are you most excited about? 

Email is not dead (yawn), so we wanted to gauge marketers’ interest in some of the most promising innovation on the horizon or in early stages of adoption. AI-powered email was overwhelmingly the most popular choice, at 38%, but the most telling answer of them all was…many respondents had no idea about technologies we listed! 33% of respondents were unaware of AI-powered email, AMP for Email, and Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI)Perhaps we’re all too busy in 2020 to explore the future, or maybe we just don’t feel like they’ll add value to our email marketing, but regardless of the reason, these email innovations need to make big strides in awareness in order to get off the ground. 

Where are you at, climbing the mountain toward email marketing? 

Finally, a quick look at where email marketers feel they are in their journey toward best-in-class email marketing programs. It’s not surprising 40% of respondents feel they are already well on their climb, nearing peak performance. They simply need more data, better metrics, deeper insights to get them to the summit. The next largest group, at 26%, believe they’re well on their way to better email but they’re just now starting to make the tweaks they need to optimize success. The rest are realizing the work they’ll need to do and are simply gearing up for a long climb toward better email ROI. Where are you? 

Combined, these results paint a juxtaposed picture: people who believe they’re at peak performance or close to it, but without great interest in new technology. Without some of the newest email innovation, like AMP for Email as an example, the 42% of marketers focusing on content are missing out on a brand new way to engage audiences with dynamic email.  

Maybe after watching The Summit, you’ll have your own ideas and plans!