What Separates my Email Program from the Best in Class? Let’s Talk 1:1 at Marketing Sherpa in Vegas.


The Value of Competitive Intelligence Revealed

As an email marketer, you have a really tough job. Every year you’re tasked with driving more ROI from the email channel, but you’ve got the same resources and data available that you had the year before.  So how do you do it?  I’ve dedicated the last couple of years at Return Path to helping marketers achieve their goals by leveraging competitive intelligence to drive best in class performance from their own programs.

I’ll be conducting coaching clinics at Marketing Sherpa’s Email Marketing Summit in Las Vegas on Email Competitive Intelligence where I’ll share my knowledge with you on exactly how you can use competitive intelligence to see what triggers the maximum level of recipient engagement and make your email program best in class. Topics I will cover will include:

What new metrics are available to help you get more insight into your email program?  If you’re just looking at opens and clicks, there’s a whole world you’re missing out on.  What about emails getting deleted without reading?  What about messages marked as spam?

What’s the optimal sending frequency to drive the best response?  You may be able to send more than you are and still drive a great subscriber experience.

Is there a better and quicker way to do subject line testing?  What if you could see the winners from your competitors’ A/B tests?

Do symbols in subject lines really make a difference?  The answer is of course sometimes, but you can take the guess work out of it.

I’m looking forward to talking about all this and more so sign up today for a one-on-one coaching clinic with me and let me help you make your job easier!

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