Welcome to Received:

I am proud to formally announce the launch of a new blog from Return Path featuring conversations about email technology and security. Welcome to Received:

We were actually one of the first companies to start a corporate blog that was truly dedicated to education and thought leadership. Today, IN the Know is a key destination for marketers who want to be sure their email gets to the inbox and improve response rates for their email campaigns.

But based on feedback from our readers, clients, and partners, we decided that there was a need for a new kind of blog aimed at a different group of people working in and around email. Received: is for people who are more interested in the ‘how’ behind the facade of the email sent and the ‘how’ behind protecting the integrity of the email channel. We see this blog as a home for email technologists, infrastructure architects, and security aficionados alike.

Some of the topics we’ll cover on Received: include:
– Reputation
– Effective anti-spam strategies
– Email system design
– Technical standards and best practices for email
– Security law and email policy

This blog is the result of careful thought and planning by its editor, J.D. Falk and it has come a long way from a thought experiment to a bona fide, internet reality.

With that, I invite you all to join in on the conversation. If you would like a good starting point, why not check out our first exclusive post for Received:, IPv6 and Email: What’s the Hurry? If you have ideas for topics you’d like to see us cover, email J.D. or leave a comment below.

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