[WEBINAR] The Mobile Takeover: It’s Real. It’s Here. Get Used to It.

Webinar: The Mobile Takeover Webinar: It’s Real. It’s Here. Get Used to It.

Date: May 29th, Thursday, 1PM EDT

According to Movable Ink's latest device report, people opening emails on smartphones have continued to increase and now accounts for 2/3 of all mobile opens for big brand marketers. The report also highlights device trends are also influenced by the time of the day someone reads an email. This leaves marketers asking important questions about mobile email design:

  • What device should I focus on when designing mobile emails? 
  • Should I consider responsive design, or is there a better way?
  • How does my design and content strategy change knowing the same person may read my email on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or all the above?

To help marketers answer those questions, Return Path teamed up with Movable Ink on their next webinar, “The Mobile Takeover: It’s Real. It’s Here. Get Used to It.” Bonnie Malone, Director of Response Consulting at Return Path will be presenting with Jordan Cohen, VP of Marketing at Movable Ink to present findings from the report, and help marketers navigate design challenges.

The webinar will also include:

  • An in-depth analysis of latest findings from Movable Ink’s “US Consumer Device Preference Report: Q1, 2014”
  • Groundbreaking ideas for creating winning omni-screen email designs
  • Examples of leading brands who are using agile email marketing technology to optimize the mobile email experience in real-time

Register for the webinar here.

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