[Webinar] The Gift of Spam Complaints: Using Subscriber Complaints to Beat the Spam Folder

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Join me, Scot Bergren and Dana Hesser on Thursday, July 11th for a webinar you won’t want to miss. We’ll discuss the most common reputation issue affecting marketers inability to reach the inbox – subscriber complaints. Not only will we discuss the common method of subscriber complaints – via the “This is Spam” button – we’ll also discuss Microsoft’s Spam Fighter’s Club, or Sender Reputation Data as we call it at Return Path. Keep reading for the full description and registration details, or register now!

The Gift of Spam Complaints: Using Subscriber Complaints to Beat the Spam Folder

Join Return Path for this webinar to discover how complaints and subscriber panels determine the fate of your emails. We’ll show you real-world examples that marketers have used to reduce complaints and boost their inbox presence.

Fact: Marketing emails account for 70% of all spam complaints. The “report spam” button is one of the oldest and most commonly used feedback methods that ISPs use to determine if emails being received are legitimate or spam.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.  You can use complaints as a feedback mechanism to adjust your email marketing program and build loyal customers.  Register for this exclusive webinar to find out how!

Attend this webinar to discover…

  • What complaints are and how your subscribers complain
  • Best practices to reduce subscriber complaints
  • The difference between sender reputation data (SRD) and subscriber complaints
  • How to boost your “not spam” rates
  • How to receive and analyze subscriber feedback

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