Webinar: The Email Marketer’s Guide to Outlook.com

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The last, but definitely not least, webinar in our Email Marketer’s Field Guide series, focuses on Outlook.com, the webmail provider formerly known as Hotmail. Melinda Plemel and I will cover the following hot topics as they relate to Outlook.com:

  • How do I get unblocked at Hotmail?
  • Why do emails land in the spam folder at Hotmail and Outlook.com?
  • What is Microsoft’s SRD program and how is it used in their spam filtering technology and Return Path’s Certification program?
  • What domains are hosted by Microsoft outside of Outlook.com?
  • What tools does Microsoft offer to help email senders troubleshoot deliverability issues?
  • Do complaints matter at Microsoft, and how do I sign up for the Microsoft feedback loop?
  • Does Outlook.com use engagement metrics for filtering spam, and if so, what are they?
  • Is it true Microsoft is rolling out a tabbed and priority inbox like Gmail?
  • What are the benefits of Return Path Certification at Outlook.com?

You have one week left to register, but if you can’t make it, we’ll send all registrants a copy of the presentation and the recording. See below for registration details and we’ll “see” you Wednesday, April 23rd!

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