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[Webinar] Making Email Safe: DMARC Trends and Adoption

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Today at 12am ET/10am MT,’s Executive Director, Steve Jones, and Return Path’s Senior Product Marketing Manager, Nikki Cosgrove, will team up to discuss findings from the 2016 DMARC Intelligence Report in the webinar, “Making Email Safe: DMARC Trends and Adoption.”

They will also discuss how Gmail’s recent security announcement  makes DMARC adoption more important than ever—not only for IT and security professionals, but also for marketers.

As we reviewed last week, Gmail is now helping its one billion active users distinguish between good and malicious emails by showing them whether a sender’s identity can be trusted or not.

If a user receives a message that cannot be authenticated with either SPF (Sender Policy Framework) or DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail), the sender’s profile photo or company avatar will be replaced with a red question mark.


Google has warned users that if they see the question mark icons, they should be hesitant about replying to or clicking on links within the message.

This update has important implications for marketers, who depend on email to drive leads and revenue for the business.

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