Webinar: How Cybercriminals Cheat Email Authentication

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Email fraud is rife and costs companies like yours millions.

Implementing the authentication standard DMARC (Domain-based Authentication Reporting and Conformance) to block bad email before it reaches consumer inboxes is a great first step. But DMARC alone isn’t enough, protecting your brand from only 30% of email attacks.

We recently tapped into the Return Path Data Cloud and analyzed more than 760,000 email threats associated with 40 top global brands to understand how fraudsters circumvent email authentication mechanisms like DMARC. Last week, we published our findings in The Email Threat Intelligence Report.

For more insights into what we found, please join our upcoming  #BeyondDMARC webinar, “How Cybercriminals Cheat Email Authentication” on September 29 at 8am MDT. Strategic Project Manager Matt Moorehead and Senior Product Manager Ash Valeski will share insights from our report and actionable tips, including:

  • Why email authentication alone cannot combat all attack
  • Top tactics fraudsters use to cheat email authentication
  • How Return Path’s Email Fraud Protection solution helps combat these tactics by identifying all email attacks that spoof your brand

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