Webinar: Building Email Success in the Travel Sector

With more and more holidays being booked online (and France, Germany and the UK all surpassing the 50% barrier),  and with email still being the number one digital marketing channel in terms of ROI, more and more travel providers are competing in the prospective holiday maker’s inbox for his or her attention.

In this highly competitive marketplace, the most innovative email marketers constantly benchmark their campaigns against their direct competitors. One example of such an innovative company is Royal Caribbean, who turned to Return Path in search of a competitive intelligence solution. One area of focus was a benchmark of how an increase in frequency (knowing that competitors sent far more frequent campaigns) would impact subscriber engagement. Based on Return Path email intelligence Royal Caribbean was able to increase its email frequency and at the same time decrease opt-out rates and double conversions.

How did they do it? And would you be interested in more examples such as this? Join me for a 30 minute webinar on Tuesday, September 10th at 10.00am BST/11.00am CET and receive exclusive insights into email marketing best practices for the travel industry.

Attend this webinar to:

  • Hear about how the challenges for e-marketers in the Travel sector differ from those in other industries.
  • Receive actionable recommendations to help make your email marketing work harder for your business.
  • Find out h how panel engagement data can help to improve your campaigns by comparing to and setting them apart from your competition.
  • Receive examples from real life high performing campaigns from the travel sector, and the techniques used to achieve strong results.

Register today to attend the webinar on 10 September

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