We Were On a Break! Three Ways to Win Back Your Unengaged Subscribers

It happens to everyone. At one point you were the top dog in your customer’s inbox. They checked every day to see what you were going to offer them. Flight deals?  Cruise discounts? Free shipping? Then, just like that, it changed.  

Maybe they haven’t been booking tropical vacations, maybe they became loyal to a new airline, or maybe they found a new place to shop. But, whatever the reason, they stopped opening your emails. Before you write off those once-loyal customers completely, a win-back campaign is a great way to try to get them re-engaged with your brand. Here are three tips you can use when emailing your inactive customers to get them excited about receiving your emails again.

1.Personalize the offer
In this email from Royal Caribbean, they addressed me in a letter format using my first name. Not only did it inform me of a limited time Valentine’s Day discount, it let me know that I was receiving the offer because I haven’t sailed with them recently. This little bit of personalization made me feel like Royal Caribbean was reaching out to just me instead of including me as a piece of a larger email send going to many former customers.


2.  Give your subscribers options
In this example from jetBlue, they not only acknowledged that I haven’t engaged with their emails recently, they offered me options to change how often I want to receive their messages going forward. Because travelers have so many airline options, this is a great way to allow them to not only choose whether they want to receive the emails anymore, but set a frequency that works for them. This will keep your brand top of mind without the risk of your customer getting burned out on your emails.  As a bonus, and fitting with jetBlue’s brand image, they also made the email fun by comparing their win-back strategy to a “DTR” (determine the relationship) talk.


3. Offer a discount
Everyone loves a deal, and offering your subscribers a discount (rather than just reminding them they haven’t made a purchase lately) will make them much more likely to visit your website or store. Sephora uses the 10% discount as the focal point of this email, and also tells subscribers how long they have to use it. Providing a deadline creates a sense of urgency, and will likely drive them to make their purchase sooner.


Looking for more win-back advice? Check out our recent study Email Win-Back Programs: Everyone Recommends Them, But Do They Work?

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