We Know Email Series: Ashley Herter

The following Question and Answer series profiles Return Path employees in a variety of roles and locations. Join us as we find out what they do, what they enjoy, and most importantly, what email campaigns they are loving lately.

Ashley Herter
Senior Director, Client Services for North America
New York office

What’s your role here at Return Path?
I oversee the client services team for North America. My team is responsible for making sure that our customers’ emails get delivered to their intended recipients. Chances are, many of the marketing or transactional messages you receive in your personal inbox are a result of recommendations my team has made!

What initially brought you here?
Truthfully, I was looking for a job that would allow me to live in NYC with my friends after college! What has kept me here for nearly 10 years is the amazing culture and the satisfaction of keeping clients happy. I majored in psychology, and it’s amazing to see how much that comes into play in client services.

Tell me something I don’t know about email.
My first thought when I started working here was “I can’t believe there is SO much that happens when you send an email.” So much behind-the-scenes work goes into making sure the right people are getting the right message at the right time, and it’s fun to get to see how that is done.

What energizes you about your role at Return Path?
I really enjoy getting positive feedback from clients about the people on my team. I know how hard everyone works, so it’s great to see the payoff whether it be improving a client’s Gmail performance, getting them off a blacklist or increasing their conversion rate. When our clients are happy, we are happy. It’s the power of positive reinforcement at work!

What problem is the most fun to solve?
While I’m no longer involved directly in the day-to-day deliverability troubleshooting, it’s still fun to work with our Technical Account Managers and brainstorm how to resolve an issue for a client.

What about you might come as a surprise to those that work closely with you?
I can juggle. In middle school, I got in trouble in the cafeteria for said juggling and was forced to get on stage in front of the entire grade. It was pretty mortifying, so needless to say I have not kept up with fine-tuning my juggling skills.

What’s the most memorable email campaign you’ve seen lately?
I just bought a Casper mattress for my new house and got a timely follow-up email highlighting their full line of products- pillows, sheets, etc. It got my attention, and I immediately clicked and opened to learn more. Plus, they’re very well designed.

What emails can we find in your personal inbox?
I have a lot from Amazon, a local brewery, Hike it Baby, and emails from local family and kid events.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Return Path?
Hands down, it’s the people. The effort this place makes around building a strong culture is really impressive. I get to come to work every day with smart and motivated people…that makes all the difference.

Thanks for chatting with us, Ashley. To learn about how Return Path can improve your email marketing, schedule a demo today. Tell them Ashley sent you!

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