Viral Content Ideas

In honor of cold and flu season it seemed appropriate to talk about viral marketing. In an earlier edition of this newsletter, we told you that the key to making viral marketing work is to have great content and then surround that content with the right mechanics.

So, what makes “great,” virus-worthy content? The most important element is that it be relevant to your target audience. Getting people to forward is fine, but what you really want is for them to forward to the right people.

Take the old viral chestnut, jokes. Truly funny jokes will get forwarded to lots of people. But if you market to teachers, then you want to send humor that pertains to school life. By doing that, you assure that your message will get forwarded to other teachers.

You can apply this targeted strategy to all kinds of content. Consider these ideas:

  • Insider interviews with a board member or industry pundit
  • Rich media offerings like music clips, video clips or even cool broadcast ads
  • Research data and fun industry statistics
  • Podcasts
  • Screensavers
  • Compilations of your best content
  • Coupons, particularly “secret” discount codes
  • Quizzes, particularly personality-style quizzes that encourage readers to send results to others
  • Polls and surveys

Now that you’ve got your great content ideas, don’t forget about the mechanics!

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