Video: The Future of the Inbox (in 10 Minutes)

There is more innovation happening right now, and there are more startups out there working on email than I’ve seen at any time in the last 15 years…And there are tools and technologies coming online every day now that are going to make consumers fall in love with email all over again.”

Return Path CEO Matt Blumberg at ExactTarget’s Connections 2012 offered a ten-minute glimpse into the future of email, examining five core aspects of the inbox of the future and some of the new developments that hint at what’s to come. And while the email user experience of the future gets better for consumers, it creates new challenges for marketers.

Watch Matt’s Burst Session, The Future of the Inbox here:

You can check out more 10-minute bursts of futurism from industry luminaries at Connections 2012 here:

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