Validity Makes Its Debut at Festival of Marketing 2019

Although the warmth of summer is beginning to ebb away, things at Validity are heating up as we get ready for our first appearance at Festival of Marketing on October 10 and 11 at London’s fabulous Tobacco Dock venue.

This is the marquee marketing event of the year, and the team is excited to engage with senior level marketing professionals from the UK and abroad.

Don’t Miss This Panel Session at Festival of Marketing 2019

We will kick off with a panel session at 10am Thursday, October 10, on the Customer Experience stage on the compelling topic of “Why great data is the foundation of great customer experiences.”

The discussion will be chaired by Data Marketing Strategist Guy Hanson covering:

  • The impact that data quality (good or bad) has on every level from sales, pipeline management and customer service through to marketing campaigns
  • How organizations understand the quality and integrity of their data on customers and prospects and the impact this has on their business performance
  • How companies can expose their data quality and integrity so it provides empirical improvement and remediation strategies alongside predictions of business benefits

Guy will be joined by Wayne Parslow, Executive Vice President International at Validity, as well as Gemma Emmett from Ladies Be Architects, plus another yet to be announced panelist. Watch this space for more info soon.

Book your place for this session on the Festival of Marketing app, as it’s going to be popular!

Visit Us at Festival of Marketing 2019

We’d also love to meet you at Pod 1; keep an eye out for “What’s your score?” Our team of subject matter experts will be on hand to talk you through the benefits of having good quality CRM data and advise you on how you can uncover the quality of data in your CRM system. Discussions with our team will provide you with key takeaways to share with your colleagues upon your return to the office. Shhh… there’s also amazing SWAG and prizes to be won!

You can check out the range of activities we have happening at Festival of Marketing here.

We hope to you see there!


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