Use Holiday Traffic to Grow Your Lists

With the holidays upon us, just a few simple strategies will let you leverage the extra traffic that the holidays bring to grow your email list for the long term.

  1. Increase the number of email capture forms: In addition to new buyers, your site will likely attract new browsers as well. Make sure your site has a prominent, compelling, easy-to-use sign up forms on every high traffic page (Note: This is sometimes not the home page – consider all the pages you optimize for search).
  2. Sign ’em up during checkout: For the buying crowd, the checkout process is the perfect place to get permission to send marketing email. While a pre-checked opt-out is not illegal, we always recommend opt-in so the permission is clear and the email will be welcome.
  3. Leverage the transactional messaging: If you didn’t get them during checkout, you have at least one or two more chances. The order and shipping confirmation messages are the perfect places to include a sign up call to action. If possible include this only for people who aren’t already opted in – for subscribers use the space to cross-sell and up sell.

Of course, these tips don’t only apply during the holiday season: they are best practices year-round. But when you know a busy season is coming up (some other examples: January for diet centers, tax time for financial services, summer for travel) take extra care and your list will benefit.

Speaking of the holidays – don’t let the spam filters send your best Christmas offers into the Bulk folder! Email us now at [email protected] and we will send you our Spam Filter Best Practices Checklist. It includes crucial advice to help you make sure your email gets where it’s mean to be – the inbox.

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