Updates to the Certification Program

We are excited to announce updated requirements for the Certification program that reflect the evolution of the email landscape.   

After listening to your feedbackwe are making a few adjustments to our Certification program standards to streamline the application process while maintaining the integrity of the program. These changes will take effect on March 12, 2020. Current applicants will need to meet these standards before being approved. Senders already in the Certification program will have 30 days after March 13 to make sure they meet these standards. 

While many requirements are the same, we’d like to highlight a few differences: 

1. To be approved into the programCertification Senders must prove ownership of their domains. WHOIS domain verification may be supplemented with a DNS token authentication to prove this ownership.

2. To be approved into the program, senders must have a privacy policy; however, it is is no longer required at every point of email address collection. 

3. To be approved into the program, Senders no longer need to specifically disclose the types of email they are sending at the point of collection of email addresses.

4. Senders can now send third-party content from their Certified IP addresses. Third-party mailers, as a business entity, continue to be ineligible for Certification.

5. In order to ensure the security recipients email addresses, Sender website(s) must use https://

6. Email attachments, regardless of file type, are prohibited. 

Have more questions about Certification? Take a look at our web page or read our fact sheet.

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