Customers and Insights: Unlocking a Data-Driven Customer Strategy

If it seems like everything you’re doing in marketing and sales these days is customer-driven, it’s for good reason. More than ever before, customers expect great customer experiences from the brands they engage with.

They have also indicated a willingness to make buying decisions based on those experiences, even over product brand names or prices (for more on the importance of customer experiences, view A Guide to Customer Experience from Appy Pie). Additionally, there’s evidence that companies that are the most effective at engaging and retaining customers are the ones that are the best at adopting data-driven customer strategies.

Some companies think they are in the midst of a digital transformation. They consider themselves to be customer-driven and data-driven. But is perception reality?

Is Perception Reality When It Comes to Your Data-Driven Customer Strategies?

The fact is, your company can’t experience a true digital transformation, and say it’s leveraging data-driven sales, marketing, or customer strategies without making sure the data it’s using is of the highest quality.

This month, a panel of experts from Validity, Openprise, and Zoominfo are joining forces with CRM Magazine to discuss this discrepancy between perception and reality and what it takes to truly be data-driven.

During the webcast, they’ll explore these key areas:

  • The four foundational pillars that will set you up for data success
  • Why orchestrating, not just standardizing, your data is crucial
  • The details behind a strong deduplication strategy
  • How to maintain high-quality data
  • And the best ways to kick-start a data quality strategy across teams.

We hope you’ll join us and learn the best practices you need to address the constantly demanding nature of maintaining high-quality databases.

Data Quality: The Key Ingredient in a Data-Driven Customer Strategy

Live January 29 at 11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM ET

Register here.

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