UK Email Marketers: Help is on the Way

It’s been an interesting few weeks in the world of email marketing in the UK.

First, the DMA released the results of their client survey that showed that email marketers are rightly concerned about the effect that deliverability challenges have on their email marketing success rates. The report – which Return Path sponsored – included the very surprising finding that UK marketers don’t have access to the metrics needed to assess their inbox placement rates (IPR) and that they aren’t very interested in gaining access to them. (You can download our version of this report – with a special forward by Return Path CEO Matt Blumberg – by clicking here.)

Then, Return Path released new figures showing that the marketers the DMA surveyed are very right to be concerned – an increasing amount of marketing email is diverted away from the inbox and into spam folders or going completely undelivered.

This is why now seems like a really great time for Return Path to be publishing Return Path’s Deliverability and Reputation Handbook: A Guide to Achieving 100% Inbox Placement in Europe. It is the most comprehensive guide ever created for making sure that your emails make it to the inbox as intended.

This guidebook is chock-full of the information you need. It includes best practice checklists, screen shots that show what other companies are doing and top tips from our team of deliverability experts.

Download the handbook now

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