Two More Major Mailbox Providers Launch Feedback Loops

Return Path is pleased to welcome two more prominent mailbox providers, Norway’s Telenor and the Netherlands’ XS4ALL, into our network of partners calling on our experience and expertise to launch public feedback loops. Their initiatives will help email senders around the world to improve their subscriber experience and their marketing performance by notifying them when Telenor and XS4ALL users report their messages as spam.

By immediately removing these subscribers from their lists, email marketers can prevent damage to their sending reputations—and their ability to reach Telenor and XS4ALL inboxes—while ensuring that their audiences include only people who want to receive their messages. Feedback loops are strongly recommended as best practices by international email policy bodies including M3AWWG, ETIS, and the Return Path Certification program.

Like other mailbox providers offering feedback loops to senders, Telenor and XS4ALL can refuse access to those with poor reputations or to those that continue to mail to users who complain. Also, to protect subscribers’ privacy, feedback loop messages do not include clear text identification of users’ addresses.

For more information on Telenor’s feedback loop, click here. For more information on XS4ALL’s feedback loop click here.

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