Tucows Feedback Loop Has Launched

Alex Rubin
By Alex Rubin
Vice President, Business Development

I am very pleased to announce the public launch of the Tucows feedback loop. Return Path clients have had the benefit of participating in a private beta of the Return Path feedback loop since August 20. It is now available for the rest of the email universe at: http://fbl.hostedemail.com

Tucows is the third-largest wholesale domain registrar, providing Internet services, through its wholesale division known as OpenSRS, for more than 8 million domains. Tucows hosts millions of email inboxes on its OpenSRS Email Service. This feedback loop will cover all of those inboxes.

This follows in a long line of Return Path sponsored feedback loops including:

Return Path now operates more than 60% of the feedback loops publicly available. What are you waiting for? Be sure to register for them all!

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