Tribute to Stefan Pollard: Friend, Partner, Email Industry Stalwart

We add our voice to the many expressing sorrow at the passing of our friend and colleague Stefan Pollard, a longtime email industry guru and senior consultant at Responsys, a Return Path partner. A very moving tribute appeared in ClickZ, where Stefan was a columnist. The DMA/Email Experience Council has announced the Stefan Pollard eec Member of the Year Award for Excellence in Creativity and Contribution to be awarded annually at the Email Evolution Conference.

Stefan was a great friend to good email marketers everywhere, and a tireless advocate for best practices. He often would include frank advice in his columns like, “So your messages are getting blocked? Quit whining and start changing your practices.” He understood the technology as well as the marketing behind reaching the inbox and earning a response.

Thank you, Stefan! Rest in peace, friend.

Responsys has set up a fund to benefit Stefan’s children. Contributions can be made by logging into your PayPal account and clicking on the “Send Money” tab. Donations should be sent to pollardmemorial [at]

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