Toys or Tools?

Today’s Email Insider column
focused on the latest cool email “toys” that marketers will crave this summer, sort of like a pre-holiday wish list for kids. Return Path provides two of the three so-called toys– creative rendering tools and reputation scoring systems. While these products are whizzy like toys, and perhaps even fun to use, they are also extremely useful in boosting your email program’s bottom line.

Campaign Preview, our pre-campaign monitoring tool, not only shows you what your email will look like across readers, it shows you what links have issues and whether your email is likely to end up in the junk folder. Fixing those issues before hitting send will increase response rates significantly — something every email marketing team can appreciate!

Sender Score, our reputation management service, tells you how your email program looks to email receivers everywhere — and what aspects are the most likely to get your email blocked. Where else can you get all the information you need to fix your email delivery and overall email reputation?

Whether you consider these toys or tools, both are great additions to your email program. And there is no need to wait until summer — start using them today.

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