Three Easy Resolutions for Email Marketers

It’s January 8th and even if you’ve already broken every personal resolution you made, here’s three resolutions you and your email marketing team can make and easily keep. They’ll help you reach more subscribers more effectively, drive higher response and earn new revenue. Not a bad payout!

  1. Sign up for your own program. Really. Is it easy to find? Above the fold on your homepage? Compelling? Related to the content on the page? Do your sales associates or retail managers promote your program? What is the value proposition? (Hint: “special offers” or “e-Newsletter” is not a value proposition.) Is the privacy policy visible? Did you get a welcome message? Did you get the kind of email you were promised at sign-up – or did other kinds of email sneak in there, as well? After four messages, are you still interested? Has anyone asked you for feedback or to check out other email offerings? Try making it mandatory that everyone in your group signs up anew for your own program(s). Have a brainstorm based on your collective experiences to make improvements and correct any bad habits. Need some help with ideas? Download our checklist, 5 Easy Ways To Grow Your Email List.

  2. Test subject lines regularly. This is simple to do and can boost your response rates by anywhere from 2 to 25 points. With that sort of upside, it’s silly not to do this with every mailing. It’s okay to use “free” as long as it’s true and not over-hyped. For a new approach, test your best-performing search keywords in your subject lines.

  3. Segment in segments. Make segmentation easy to manage. Pull out just one high-value segment and customize content to improve relevancy and boost response. Pull data along wide factors to make it easy to manage and track (and then keep segmenting to improve response further as you learn more about your subscribers). Separate prospects from customers. Send women something different than men. Tailor the headline and offer for business decision makers and technical decision makers. Give VIP customers a great deal. Aim to win-back subscribers who’ve been ignoring your emails for six months or more.

That’s it — three simple tactics that will add up to big gains in 2007.

Happy New Year!

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