This is a Joke, Right?

I just received an email that had this copy at the very top (emphasis added):

You are receiving this email because sometime during the past 20+ years you have registered with PACE, or one of our affiliated companies, to receive free information and offers concerning child custody matters (publications, tests and testing instruments, child custody membership organizations, parental alienation, custody experiences from mental health professionals, child custody seminars, etc.) If you feel you have received this email in error or you no longer wish to receive our child custody related information, you can safely and permanently be removed from the PACE email list by CLICKING HERE and putting “UNSUBSCRIBE” in the subject line or using the UNSUBSCRIBE LINK at the bottom of this email. Thank you, PACE, 73 Valley Drive, Furlong, PA 18925

I’m sorry, did you say the last 20 YEARS?? (And, I’m sure this won’t totally shock you — I’ve never heard of this company nor have I had the need for child custody services of any kind. Maybe my husband has something to tell me.)

Marketers — THIS is what you are up against. For all the good you are trying to do, many, many consumers and even more people at ISPs think THIS represents the thinking of too many folks who claim the title “email marketer.”

It’s easy to laugh — it IS funny — but it’s also a sobering reminder of what we are all fighting against.

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