Thinking About AI Solutions for Your Email Marketing Program? Watch This

With 2019 around the corner, it’s likely most marketers have heard about AI and how it can help them do more and better marketing. But it’s also difficult to know where to start and separate the hype from reality. The Relevancy Group is hosting a webinar Wednesday, January 16 to arm you with latest information and trends on AI innovations taken from their recently published AI Market Spotlight Guide, so you can make informed decisions in 2019 and beyond.

This sixty-minute session with the Relevancy Group not only reviews data from their recently published AI Market Spotlight Guide, but they also look at the latest trends surrounding AI in marketing. The Relevancy Group also spotlights four vendors, including Return Path, Adobe, Selligent and OneSpot, delivering exciting AI innovations that you can use today.

Speakers and authors of the research: David Daniels – CEO & Founder, The Relevancy Group
Nicholas Einstein – Chief Research Officer, The Relevancy Group

Register now and you’ll get a copy of the webinar recording after.

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