The ServiceMaster Company Wins Email Hero MVP Award for Most Improved Email Program

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Winning the Email Hero Award for Most Improved Email Program, this week we’re featuring The ServiceMaster Company! With our only perfect score, they also took home our MVP Email Hero Award.

To understand what went into this award-winning campaign, we interviewed Janet McQuarrie, Email Marketing Strategist at The ServiceMaster Company.

What were the goals of this particular campaign?

The high-level goal was to increase the overall effectiveness of the email campaigns I deploy. As the email strategist, I am responsible for improving email performance metrics such as unique open rate and unique click rate. However, within the business, I am also responsible for converting leads into new customers and adding more revenue and profits.

Did you face any key challenges along the way?

The biggest challenge I faced was poor Gmail inbox placement rate. Gmail makes up a significant portion of the available records, so high spam rate, and low inbox placement rate created a recipe for poor email performance.

What were your campaign results?

Overall, the improvement and results were phenomenal! Our Gmail inbox placement rate went from 60% to over 90% allowing us to reach a much bigger segment of our subscribers.

Key email performance metrics like unique open rate and unique click rate showed double-digit year over year improvement. Additionally, conversion rates also increased which helped to shine a spotlight on the email channel as a sound marketing investment. My favorite moment of the year occurred when I presented to the entire marketing team on the importance of email deliverability. Not only did I get to educate my peers about some of the more technical aspects of email marketing, but I also received positive feedback about my passion for email.

How did you achieve these results?

Utilizing the information available through the Return Path blog knowledge base, I was able to develop a better segmentation strategy, send cadence, and personalization tactics. With the help of my Return Path from Validity team, I also received an in-depth analysis of Gmail performance. The insight I received from the Return Path by Validity team, gave me the confirmation I was using correct strategies. It then became my job to follow through, monitor and make sure I did not go backward in any of the key areas of deliverability performance. The dashboard and weekly reports from Validity provided the data insight I needed throughout the year.

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Find out more about how The ServiceMaster Company optimized their email program in their case study.



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