The Race for the Inbox: Obama vs. Romney

Obama is no stranger to effective email marketing. According to Blue State Digital, the Obama campaign raised half a billion dollars online with a vast majority of that coming from email. The 2012 election has has called into question the email marketing tactics of both Obama and Romney, specifically things like segmentation, subject lines, and frequency.  Election emails this year has been the focus of late night talk show monologues, fodder for comedians and bloggers bemoaning email overload. Will the increase of political emails backfire, or generate both a pile of complaints and cash?

In our latest infographic, we used our email intelligence data to determine how enaged susbcribers were with the Obama and Romney email newsletters. Specifically, we looked at how many emails were delivered to the inbox or the spam folder, how many subscribers were read the emails, or how many were simply ignoring them and deleting them without opening. We also compared the “this is spam” and “this is not spam” rates, an important measure that can have a major influence on whether or not future emails should be delivered to spam or inbox.  We also looked at each candiates forward rate and how many subscribers had or added to their address book, a form of personal whitelisting that ensures future inbox delivery. We also looked at some more fun and interesting stats, like:

  • Which candidate is a Gmail or Yahoo! user more likely to support?
  • Who has more emails classified as priority in Gmail’s Priority Inbox?
  • More importantly, who stands to make the most donations from email (hypothetically speaking, of course)?

Read our infographic, “The Race to the Inbox” to find out who’s winning the email election.

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