The Privileges of Membership (and Performance)

Yahoo! Mail has been using the Return Path Certification whitelist as part of its filtering process for more than a year. So we’re thrilled that our partners at Yahoo! Mail will begin automatically turning on images and links for our authenticated whitelist program members. Even better, this includes not only Yahoo! Mail webmail but also email hosted by Yahoo!, including BT Internet, Rogers, Bellsouth, SBC, and Rocketmail.

This is great news for the email universe for a couple of reasons:

Performance Yields Privileges: Yahoo! Mail’s decision is a direct result of the hard work of Return Path Certification program members. They’re an elite group that meets our strict performance requirements by adhering to best practices. This means consumers like their emails because they almost never elicit complaints. Their permission and list hygiene practices are optimal because they don’t hit spam traps and never appear on blacklists.

Beating Back Spam is a Team Effort: This is proof-positive that when ISPs and senders work together consumers win and spammers lose. The Return Path Certification program is designed to bring ISPs and senders together by publishing and maintaining a consistent set of performance standards. ISPs know the senders on our whitelist are the “best of the best” and senders know that if they meet our standards their email won’t be treated like spam. In the end consumers get the email they want and spammers get blocked. It’s a win-win for the email universe.

Looking Good Helps Response: Consumers connect with brands through powerful imagery – and it’s this connection that elicits a response and long-term loyalty. Yahoo! Mail’s decision to automatically display images allows Certified senders to clearly communicate their value proposition and provide their customers with the best possible experience as they engage with their brands.

So we’d like to send out our thanks and congratulations to Return Path Certification members. Your superior performance has been acknowledged and recognized by Yahoo! Mail.

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