The Path to Holiday Email Optimization, Part I: Checking Your Foundation

For just about every consumer marketer, the winter holiday season generates the majority of revenue for the year. It’s the season in which most businesses invest the bulk of their time and money in their marketing programs, and rightfully so. As the opportunity approaches email marketers typically concentrate on gaining consumer mindshare and showcasing value, laying the foundation for holiday purchases. The leaders do even more.

Before focusing time and money tactical program elements, like crafting the perfect subject line, the leading marketers begin by reassessing their programs’ structural integrity. That phrase may sound weird in the context of email, a purely virtual marketing channel, but the literal concept of structure does indeed translate.  If your program is not solid at its base—and easy to visualize and adjust—you can’t build on it. It’s basically a stack of cards waiting to fall apart.

Having a structurally sound email program also grants you breathing room to experiment and explore new ways to market to your customers. You can use the precious weeks ahead of Black Friday to get creative and test new ways to engage subscribers when it matters most.

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