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The Next Big Thing is…

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It may be considered cliché, but 2020 taught us there’s truth behind the expression “necessity is the mother of invention.”

Businesses had to be inventive this past year because they couldn’t serve their customer bases in the “usual” way – even online businesses had to adapt and refresh their business models!

We decided to gather a cross section of APAC industry experts to discuss the key developments that affected their businesses and industries last year, as well as how these changes will drive the Next Big Thing across email marketing and data management.

Our panel, hosted by Tunc Bolluk, had a wonderful discussion that resulted in many great insights. You really need to watch the full webinar (located at the bottom of this post) to discover them all, but here are a few key points to whet your appetite:

  • Lucy Acheson, Customer Experience Director at Merkle, noticed businesses that took the time to fully understand their technology capabilities and data management last year entered 2021 strong.
  • David Fear, Head of Analytics at Power Retail, commented on the change in consumer behaviour. Customers went from buying online out of necessity to buying online because of the convenience. This has led to a change in marketing, especially around email and social media.
  • Monique Schuldt, Email Marketing and Communications Specialist at Mindvalley, shared her experiences working for an online educator. While they were already adapting, they had to make changes very quickly to acknowledge the global situation.
  • Validity’s own Guy Hanson commented on the evolution of email throughout the past year and shared examples of brands who excelled at using data to engage their customers.

Want to hear how these experiences are shaping panellists’ predictions for the Next Big Thing? Grab a cup of your favourite hot beverage, sit comfortably, and enjoy the webinar: