The New Inbox Preview: More Features and Benefits!

We know how important it is for marketers and email designers to make sure that their emails are displayed correctly in any email client. Which is why we are very excited to announce the new and improved Inbox Preview which will let marketers and designers ensure that their emails look great for everyone, every time! The new Inbox Preview provides broader mobile coverage and the ability to not only identify rendering issues but also understand how to fix them.

What’s New in Inbox Preview?

  • See rendering on many more popular mobile operating systems via new redesigned interface and easier workflow in both Portrait and Landscape views including Android, iPhone, iPad, and Kindle Fire.


  • Get recommendations on common and email client specific HTML coding issues.



  • Easily identify link integrity issues
  • More easily submit rendering tests via email, linking to a URL, cutting and pasting HTML, or uploading a zip file.

What Are Current Customers Saying?

“Inbox Preview is awesome! I can quickly and easily check every campaign across a variety of devices. The ability to view mailings in both portrait and landscape view is a key feature and not one I’ve found in competitive solutions. I love Inbox Preview.”

Mark Graves
Permission Marketing Specialist
CMGdigital – Cox Media Group

When Will It Be Available?

The new Inbox Preview will be available starting February 7th in North America. Now you will be able to not only preview your email everywhere, but you will also be able to identify and fix bugs fast!

For a quick video overview of the changes in Inbox Preview click here.


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