The DMA Reputation Registry is LIVE!

Authentication is an important component in creating a better and more secure email universe. Unfortunately, just say the word “authentication” and most email marketers’ eyes glaze over. It sounds technical. It sounds boring. It sounds hard.

And yet it’s important. While there aren’t any ISPs today that are blocking email solely because the server isn’t authenticated, it is absolutely one of the factors that influences deliverability. Unauthenticated servers are more suspicious. Over time we believe it will become an increasingly important factor and it is even possible that some receivers will outright block any email that isn’t authenticated.

Because of this the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) made a smart (and bold!) statement when they required all member companies to authenticate their email. They knew it was the right stand to take for the industry.

Of course creating the requirement did not make it easier and the DMA knew that it would need to provide members with educational resources and innovative tools and services to get the job done. If legitimate companies aren’t authenticating their email it is almost certainly because they need help, not because they don’t think it’s important.

Which is why last summer Return Path announced a partnership between the DMA and Return Path to create a registry to help DMA member companies verify the authentication of their email streams. The goal of this registry is to help DMA members quickly and easily determine whether or not their mailing IPs are authenticated. If they aren’t in compliance, the registry gives DMA members the information they need to fulfill the authentication requirement.

And it is now live! DMA members now have access to the monitoring data, reports and alerts for their IP addresses and domains, providing critical reputation information that will help them comply with the authentication requirement. But we did more than that. We are also providing registrants with free reputation information that will help them improve their email deliverability.

Are you a DMA member? Get started now! You can access the Email Reputation Registry by logging in or by referring to the “How To” section of the DMA’s Email Authentication Help Center.

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