The Anatomy of a Successful Email Win-Back Campaign – New Webinar

On Tuesday 19th August, I’ll be presenting a live webinar examining the winning elements of the most successful email win-back campaigns. Among other things I’ll be looking at how and why inactive subscribers impact negatively on deliverability and engagement, result in decreased conversion to sales, and ultimately reduce the ROI delivered.

Join me for this live webinar where I will walk you through the latest Return Path research on the effectiveness of win-back campaigns by looking at the work of top retailers. We will also highlight tactics that work, and those that don't, by showing the anatomy of win-back campaigns that actually win-back inactive subscribers, and help boost your bottom line.

Join the webinar on 19th August to learn:

  • Why win-back campaigns matter
  • New insight around win-back campaign best practices
  • How to use competitive email data to learn from your competitors
  • Examples of win-back tactics that work, and which ones don't

I hope you'll be able to join us for the webinar. To register, visit:

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