The 5 People You’re Not Talking To

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Profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your project or service, and that bring friends with them.

 W. Edwards Deming

People visit your website everyday to learn more about your business.  Some of these visitors will turn into prospects or customers by completing your sign–up page.  But a handful of these sign–ups will come with invalid email addresses, turning what was a new opportunity into a lost opportunity.

At BriteVerify, we help email marketers avoid these problems.  Our statistics show that at least 5% of all web sign–ups include invalid emails(1).  This means that within the next 100 sign–ups on your site, at least 5 will be lost forever due to email–entry mistakes.  These mistakes are easy to correct with in–form email verification, but many form owners decide to just live with the lost opportunity.

How much attention should be given to this 5%? Should you ignore these 5 people and only focus on the 95 that successfully complete your form? If you care about profitable web forms and email campaigns, the answer is No!

In preparation for this blog, I looked back a few weeks to find BriteVerify Users that made mistakes when initially entering in their email address.  Had we not informed each User of their data-entry mistake we would have lost touch with them.  By adding BriteVerify’s email verification API to our registration page, each mistake was turned into a real email address.  Through my research, here is what I found:

  • Half of the BriteVerify accounts were created using free-mail addresses (mostly while the other half were created using business emails.
  • After stripping out the largest and smallest spenders, average first day spend was $79.  Largest was $7,102 and smallest was $1.90.
  • 33% of the accounts were from Europe, 8% from Australia, remainder from the US.
  • All errors were corrected after 1 notification (Email is Invalid, please Correct)

At BriteVerify, we grow through a combination of new and repeat business.  The average lifetime spend for a BriteVerify user is well above the day 1 spend of $79 mentioned above. For us, in–form email verification is not about increasing day 1 business, it’s about improving the BriteVerify experience so Users keep coming back.  And we can’t create a great User experience without a working email address.

Below are some examples of how we use email to manage our Users’ experience:

When a User…

Joins BriteVerify: They receive a welcome message with instructions on how to get started with BriteVerify to verify email

Verifies a File: They receive an email with a confirmation the file is ready along with file statistics and status definitions

Runs into Trouble: They receive an email with information about the problem (credit card failure, file format error) and advice on how to fix it

Makes a Payment: They receive an email with payment information with a link to a printable receipt

Isn’t this the way email is supposed to be used? Don’t we all expect this level of communication from companies we spend money with? The answer is Yes, which is why NOT receiving these emails creates a poor User experience and significantly reduces the chance of repeat business.

And that’s ultimately what it comes down to.  Collecting valid emails at sign–up allows you to deliver great User experiences and make more money. Allowing invalid emails to slip through weakens the User experience, taking future earnings along with it.

So should you care about the 5 people you’re not talking to? The answer seems obvious to me!

(1)  5% is based on statistics observed from all Users of BriteVerify’s email verification API report.



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